Wildflowers and Ferrero Rocher

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Product Details

Wildflowers and Ferrero " Flowers" with foliages and details of the season.

Image is a guide only. Substitution Policy applies.

Price does not include delivery.

This arrangement is made with Australian Grown and Imported items.

Due to the seasonal availability of flowers, their colours and foliages, the delivered product may vary from what is pictured above.  When Substitution may be required, we will ensure that the overall look of the arrangement is similar to the above image, and the substituted flowers will be of equal or greater value than pictured.

Substitution Policy: While every effort is made to ensure the product and colour selected will be used, circumstances may arise due to seasonal availability where containers and flower colours and varieties may be substituted with that of the same or higher value and suitability. If the contents vary dramatically the customer will be notified for permission to substitute.

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