Citrus Surprise

Citrus Surprise
Citrus Surprise L
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Love you this much$9.50
Love you this much
Love  you to the moon and back$9.50
Love you to the moon and back
KoKo Product - Lemongrass & Sage$12.95
KoKo Product - Lemongrass & Sage
KoKo - Christmas Spirit Candle$29.95
KoKo - Christmas Spirit Candle
KoKo - Lychee & Red Currant$12.95
KoKo - Lychee & Red Currant
KoKo Products - Vanilla & Coconut$12.95
KoKo Products - Vanilla & Coconut
KoKo - Mango & Mandarin$12.95
KoKo - Mango & Mandarin
Koko - Products - White Tea & Ginger$12.95
Koko - Products - White Tea & Ginger
KoKo - Grapefruit & Fern$12.95
KoKo - Grapefruit & Fern
Hearts Laser cut$5.00
Hearts Laser cut

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Citrus Surprise is the first of our new products this Winter.  Flowers to lift the spirit and fresh fruit and herbs for the body.

This is a great one for someone suffering with a cold and sore throat.  Includes the ingredients and recipe to make one of the best home rememdies.

Great to winter care package – Lemon Honey and Ginger drink -  the Heat and the ginger will warm them up, the steam – aided by the lemon and potent ginger – will help clear the sinuses and the ginger and honey will work to soothe the scratchy throat. 

If you would like to add something extra to this, please give us a call and we can customize this especially for you.


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