Scammers in the Floral Industry

Published: Wednesday 3 July 2019

Few things make us more sad than people being scammed on a flower order. Honestly, its a disgrace to the whole floral industry. Unfortunately, we can't do much about the scammers, but WE can try to make sure YOU don't get scammed!

  • If the website you are on offers "free delivery," it is more than likely a scam. Delivery drivers don't work for free, petrol isn't free, and very few real, local florists offer free delivery due to these costs.
  • If the arrangement price seems quite cheap, for example $25, or is selling at a "greatly reduced" price, for example $79.95 to $39.95, it may be a scam. Florists offer a very high grade of flower quality, and while prices vary most shops start a small arrangement at $35. So if you are looking at a large arrangement with a lot of flowers for less than $75, then something is not right.
  • If there are extra fees, it is most likely a scam. Florists usually only charge for the flowers, delivery and GST. No service fees or commissions, handling fees or other fees. These are just fees that make that huge $25 bouquet into the $75 that they should have charged in the first place. 
  • If the website you are on only displays images that are highly edited or computer generated, then it is almost certainly a scam. Most scammers use images of arrangements that are super imposed onto a background of a work bench or similar.
  • Finally, if the website you are on says they are in Strathpine and it isn't our, it is a scam. We are Strathpine's ONLY local and independent florist shop (and proud of it!).


Above are just some of the scammers and imposters, also known as order gatherers.

Order Gatherers are NOT florists, but call centres operating online. They take a big cut (up to 65%) of your money before passing the order onto a real florist. Their claim that "all flowers are prepared and delivered by a local florist" is purposefully misleading. Even though listed address is an actual shop, the website itself may be completely controlled by an Order Gatherer. 

For all your money's worth, AVOID them by shopping from REAL florists only. Check their public profiles and reviews. If in doubt, CALL and ask about floor stock, or how to drop by, etc. A real florist would be more than happy to answer your questions!


  1. When searching online for a local florist, we suggest typing "florist near (insert suburb/town here)".
  2. Make sure there is a physical address or phone number - Then scroll to the map of business listings that details their actual street address and contact information.
  3. Know what order-gathering sites look like - To choose an actual, local florist, check that they have a website listed. If there is one, look at their images. If the images are super imposed, edited or generic, they are more than likely a member of a flower network or associated with an order gatherer. If there is no website, but there is a Facebook or Instagram listed, you can still search for actual images taken by the florist. If you are still unsure, phone the florist and ask  "what is your address?" or if you can visit them instore. A real florist would be able to answer these questions, an order gatherer or scammer cannot. 
  4. Check the Home and About Us pages - While on the website or Facebook page, check the about us page. If it states phrases such as "florist network", "partnered with" or "our affiliates", these are signs that it is not an actual florist.
  5. Be aware - that just because an ad or website name says "City Name Florist", it doesn't mean the company is located in or actually delivers to that city.
  6. After choosing a florist, contact the florist. You can phone, email, order on their website, or if you live near the area, you can visit them instore.