Free Flower Delivery?

Published: Thursday 10 October 2019

A Tale of Free Flower delivery!

We regularly get asked, do we offer free flower delivery?   

We really do wish that we could offer free delivery of flowers, but we like being as transparent as possible with our valued customers in the sales process.

All over the Internet there is much research to support that the delivery costs are a major influence in online purchasing behaviour. We understand that no one likes to spend more than they feel is their right, but there are unavoidable costs in the delivery process including fuel and all the related costs that go with owning a vehicle – rego, insurance, tyres, and the visits to the mechanic. And we can’t forget the most important of all, the driver is entitled to earn an hourly rate (they, like most, have the need for food, clothing, shelter and are entitled to care for their family).  

 All these things are only possible if there is an exchange of money.

So how do these florists get away with making the claim of “free flower delivery” and why do people actually believe that they are going to be fortunate enough to have a volunteer courier to deliver flowers for them?

How does free delivery work?  They just simply factor the cost of delivery into the retail price of the flowers, and/or are using a low grade product. If you spend, say, $50 - $60 on an order, it works out that you are actually getting conned out of approximately 15% - 20% of the volume of flowers.  Aren’t they clever, tricking us like that!

So if you can find a decent, point to point courier to deliver your flowers anywhere locally, interstate or overseas for under $10, and if the flowers are getting to the recipient consistently for that money without a single bruised leaf or broken flower, the couriers are taking photographic proof of where the flowers were left if no one was home, and then sending a message to the recipient and to you the customer as proof of delivery, you’re doing pretty well.