Real Local Florist's do it better!

Published: Monday 10 February 2020

Why you should support your Local Florist.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... just 4 days to go!  The big question is: where are you going to buy your fresh flowers? Choosing where to buy your Valentine's flowers from these days can quickly become overwhelming.  With the amount of online companies that pretend to be a local florist, you know the ones that seem to be in every suburb of Australia.

Your loved ones are special and their flowers should be special also.

Here are 5 Reasons to support your local Florist:

1. Local Florists are more knowledgeable and passionate about flowers.

Flower shops focus on selling flowers and plants. When buying your fresh flowers, you have the guarantee that your flowers have been professionally take care of ( stored at the right temperature, given the right amount of food, water changed regularly) and this means your flowers should last longer.  As a local business, we know the area.

2. Local florists will give you personalised service and caring tips.

You will gain valuable advice from us on the varieties of flowers you can select from this Valentine's Day. Apart from the traditional red roses, we can help you with special requests to make your floral gift extra special.  We also know how match flowers and wrapping options with personalities.

3. Local florists will work within your budget.

Florists can create a bouquet or arrangement to suit your budget so you don't have to be limited to pre-made selections or just the options on their website. We are flexible and will happily work around/within your budget to create that special personalised bouquet.

4. Delivery options and pick up in store.

We will ensure that your flowers are protected during transport and minimise the time the flowers are in transit by using specialist flower couriers.   You can always call and collect your flowers from the shop so that you get extra brownie points by hand delivering flowers yourself.

5. Support your local community

Buying your flowers from your local florist is rewarding as you are supporting your local community and local families. We appreciate your business and will always strive to give you a great experience.


If you are buying flowers from your local florist for Valentine's Day this year, you'll be ahead of the game!